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Riley Guillet, PT, DPT, AIB-VRC

Physical Therapist

Our newest addition, Riley is a recent graduate of the Mayo Clinic Physical Therapy program in Rochester, Minnesota. Now, returning home to the Chicagoland area, they are excited to bring their unique and contemporary perspective to our Oak Park location.

Freshly certified, Riley has had a myriad of clinical experience across the continuum of Physical Therapy care. From acute orthopedic conditions to outpatient care, they have broad, yet intimate, evidence-based expertise in the rehabilitation of both musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions. Riley feels confident in delivering exemplary holistic care, addressing the needs of the patient on an individualized basis.  

“In the few months since I started, I have already felt a profound and warm sense of community, both at the clinic and in the surrounding neighborhood. It makes bringing my time and talent here that much more fulfilling.”

In their free-time, Riley enjoys catching up with family and friends, as well as a variety of artistic pursuits.  

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